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Intuitive Shorthand, Part B: Aka Receiving Spiritual Meanings

In Yesterday's blog post, I talked to you about how to invite intuition when you make decisions -- in a fun & easy way!

Today, I realized something more that's essential. (And, if you haven't read Symbols: Our Intuitive Shorthand, I recommend it, since this may not make sense without it).

Intuition comes in waves. It has layers. And, it's non-linear, meaning that you may receive the first bit & then receive more later. Like I did here.

For those of you who love meaning, you're going to love this!

I had asked a question about a particular opportunity.

What occurred to me later is that the answers have 2 parts:

1st: The actual answer in your body, mind, heart, & knowing.

2nd: The spiritual understanding, which can come later through puns, images, waves of feeling, & understanding -- when you're open & receptive.

Yesterday, I wrote about wondering about an opportunity that looked good on the outside... but, I didn't feel so well while looking at the intuitive symbol: a gorgeous patch of bright pink flowers that were striking -- as my mind called them.

The word, "striking" has 2 meanings of course -- beautiful & they could hit you! Ha! Which is so funny since it's an intuitive hit, and the subject didn't feel friendly to my body!

I felt I couldn't stop staring at them, & I felt I couldn't look away.


I knew that the answer was no, since I felt slightly queasy looking at them.

And, I had trouble letting the subject go, even though I had my intuitive answer.

I also asked my angels & true self. Still got a no.

(I didn't want it to be a no).

Intuition doesn't lie to you, even if you want a different answer.

But, what I gained later (past my idea of a timeline!),

is the understanding that the way I felt about the opportunity (something beguiling & something that felt hard to be around) was being reflected in my response as well as the answer itself.

FUN. The part of me that loves insight loves this!

But, the part of me that wanted this to work, did not ... at first!


Since I felt disappointed, I grounded & cleared my energy.

But, my response to this answer changed because my energy had changed.

Clearing my energy always gives me more neutrality & peace.

Which is a good thing! 💓

Then I could appreciate the clarity & direction.

This feels SO good!


One of the big spiritual lessons for me in this lifetime has been to know that if an opportunity (or food, or person) isn't right for me, it's not right for me. Ha.

To not push it.

Or push myself.

That's exhausting.

It's not the other person (or situation's fault).

But, if I try to ignore it or "make do," then, I can end up leaving parts of myself behind.

Which I won't do again.

Life can look good on the outside, but, it doesn't feel good or fulfilling.

Giving to myself & creating a life I love means listening to myself -- my WHOLE self --

even when it's not convenient.

Because if I'm ignoring what I need or want, I'm not being me.

Then, I can't live my fullest life.

And, if an option isn't right for me another will come!

This builds trust.


Which is where the spiritual message comes in.

And, now, instead of that feeling, I have more of myself -- my true self & happiness here..

Magic is afoot when we listen to ourselves. 💜

Photos by Corina Ardeleanu, Ray Hennessey, & Patrick Janser on Unsplash.


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