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We're a Constellation of Stars - Together

I was just talking intuitively with Wayne Dyer, telling him how much his work has meant to me.

I shared with him how much his book, You'll See it When you Believe It meant to my 15-year old self who was sad and lonely and felt so much as an Empath.

But, I WOKE UP when I read, "you're a soul with a body, not a body with a soul," and that our dreams show us who we are without our bodies -- pure consciousness!

constellation of stars

Photo by Alexander Andrews on Unsplash.

I shared with him how his books on tape (yes, tapes!) traveled with me across the US as I went to be with my then girlfriend -- out for the first time as a lesbian in the "real world," and his words gave me courage. I got teary and thanked him.

He listened with love and humor and then reminded me that I've been a big part of that change. ;) And, of course, that's true! I forget to give myself credit sometimes when big things happen. I forget that his light turned my light on -- but that I have my own Light, of course.

We all have our own light. Our own reason for being here. And, it matters.

And, it always amazes me how close we all are to each other -- like stars in a constellation.

No one forgotten.

All of us affecting each other.

As I shared with him, I felt Wayne's energy grow brighter and the room felt brighter and more joyful because of it!

It felt like the windows flew open with a fresh spring breeze while talking with him, even though it's a cold winter day here in Portland, Oregon.

And, even though Wayne is supposedly not here in physical form, he's absolutely here! Just like his books always said. And, I felt his energy shift, and he shifted mine! And, I felt loved and that my truth matters.

The truth is, we're all more connected than we may know... Like a constellation of stars.

And, we're all Loved, wholly, and completely. <3


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