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Are we a fit?

Finding the right intuitive guide, spiritual coach, and energy worker isn’t always easy – 

But I sense that if you tune into your own inner knowing, you’ll get a feel for whether it’s the right fit right now… 


But if you don’t get a clear Yes or No (we can work on that!), here are what my clients often have in common:

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You know how good it can feel when you are true to yourself & your path but when you are stressed, old habits come up (e.g. eating sugar, overthinking about worst case scenarios, feeling overwhelmed, or asking friends for their opinions), especially when you have a setback. You’d love to have a set of easily accessible, emotionally and spiritually satisfying tools to support yourself in times of stress.


You’re a sensitive person, maybe a highly sensitive person or Empath, which means you know what everyone else is feeling and are sooo tuned into what they want and need… But, sometimes, it’s hard to know what you want, or what you need. Being tuned into everyone else is exhausting and overwhelming, but when you practice tuning into yourself — it’s so freeing!


You are a mixture of serious and joyful. You love to laugh, easily see the good in others, (and want to in yourself). You want to believe in yourself and believe that you can have a good life being you. And, you also are a person who loves understanding the meaning of life and your purpose.


You want to accomplish your goals – you feel you have a bigger purpose here on earth and it’s not just to get stuff done. You may have grown up feeling like you had to figure things all out on your own and are learning how to ask for help. You push yourself hard. High-achiever, people-pleaser, over-planner,, you’re the Queen of Getting Stuff Done. And it’s exhausting. You’d love to be able to trust, let go of control, experience flow and allow yourself to receive guidance and support.


You’re already intuitive, you feel energy, you watch for signs and signals, believe in manifesting and synchronicities, and you’d like more of that magic in your life. And more access to your own magic.


You’ve always felt a bit different. And you value that about yourself. But at the same time, you crave feeling at home in your body and in your life. You want a sense of belonging, unconditional love and support that nobody can take away from you.

What may also be true for you…

You may feel overly responsible (or obligated and resentful) to be there for someone who hasn’t always been there for you and may need help transforming this relationship so that you can feel in tune with yourself. You know consciously that it’s not working but aren’t sure how to transform it.

You may be in the midst of a big transition — the loss of a job or relationship — that has rocked you to your core, making you re-evaluate everything you thought you knew, or wanted. Even who you thought you were. You don’t know the next steps, but you’d like support and guidance to make sure you’re following your highest path forward. And, you’d like to build the skills and intuitive strength to trust yourself.

You would love to be unstoppable – sharing your strengths and soul gifts, embodying your full, true, authentic self, manifesting miracles and letting life be easier — all of which comes with tuning into Spirit within you.

You may have tried to “fix” yourself or other people or tried to be perfect for relationships so that you could “fit in,” but that hasn’t led to the belonging you’ve wanted. You want to be yourself so that you can have better relationships and connection. 

You’ve always felt that you are here to create something BIGGER — or you’re ready for the next phase of your business, but aren’t sure of the next steps. You’ve likely worked with a business coach before, but you want guidance that speaks to your heart and soul, that is both mystical and practical.

And you are ready to let go of fear, take up space, and trust yourself — even as you embrace the mystery and learn to release control, because you feel supported and loved at all times. 

I know you struggle with feeling overwhelmed and anxious.


I know you feel self-doubt, second-guess yourself, and experience the desire to control just about everything.


I know you wonder whether you’re doing enough, being enough, doing it right.


But I also know this: These are the symptoms of being disconnected from Source, Spirit, Soul. 

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It takes time and practice, but as you strengthen that connection to your Self, those struggles melt away. 

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If you feel we might be a fit, I’d like to invite you to start with a free Illumination session.

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For those very motivated, I accept 3 annual discounted slots for 3 sessions or more. Inquire here.

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