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Intuitive Guidance, Spiritual Coaching, & Energy Work 

Co-create a life that feels good to your soul with uplifting intuitive readings & practices which bring more ease & joy…

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Our intuition leads us home. 

It is the voice of our souls. It reminds us of who we truly are, not who we thought we had to be in order to survive, get by, or fit in.

If you’ve felt different, sensitive, ADHD/neurodivergent as an intuitive and spiritual person, you probably know what I mean…  

Intuitive guidance reminds us of who we truly are. In our work together, you’ll receive uplifting intuitive guidance and practices to open your heart, release overwhelm, and remind you of who you are on the soul level so that you can thrive as as the beautiful, sensitive, intuitive, and magical soul that you are in your every day life.


You will love this work if you’re open to energy work and intuition, and if you’re excited about where Spirit wants to take us. We’re spiritual adventurers here!

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Hold the energy of miracles and watch the world shift.

Let’s embark together!

Every session is really customized to you and your energy. Please consider the service descriptions below to be inspiration for the work we can do together, not hard definitions.

Illuminaton Session
illumination session, person holding jar of light

Illumination Session

New Clients Start Here!

Complimentary - 20-30 minutes

A session to share what you’re seeking and to find out whether we’re a good match. 

new clients start here!
Intuitive Coaching
intuitive coaching, flower field

Intuitive Coaching

You’re ready to dive in & strengthen your own intuition — you just need tools and guidance to do it, & know you’re doing it right! This is one of my areas of expertise. Based on your natural strengths and abilities, we’ll find the ways you can most easily tap into your intuition for clear answers and unwavering support from your Spirit team.

60 minutes - $150

Intuitive Coaching is ideal for:

  • Creating an ongoing connection with your intuition (even in times of stress!)

  • Learning to differentiate anxiety & wishful thinking from intuition

  • Tuning into your intuition & clearing the blocks that get in the way of accessing it

  • Tapping into intuition to identify what you want to bring in or reduce in your life – for practical issues, too

  • Feeling supported by your intuition, which includes your guides & angels, higher self, & the Universe

  • Savoring life & surrendering more easily to the flow of intuitive guidance 

Energy Clearing

The Emotion Code
(Energy Clearing)

When you have an experience or emotion that seems to stick no matter what you do (coaching, therapy, cord cutting, Reiki or other energy work), this practice of clearing can help. The Emotion Code helps you clear trapped emotions that are yours or inherited so that you can feel lighter and freer to make choices that support your highest good.

30 minutes - $100

the emotion code energy clearing, ocean

Emotion Code sessions are ideal for:

  • When you feel you should “know better” but feel stuck. 

  • Feeling that you have a belief but don’t know why since it doesn’t make sense with how you see yourself.

  • When you want to clear something without getting into the details of it.

  • Thought loops, rumination, physical pains that don’t have a clear medical cause, or just feel bothered by something you’ve tried to let go a thousand times. The Emotion Code can clear issues & help you to feel lighter, clearer, & able to move forward. 

Heart-Wall Clearing
heart-wall clearing, heart in sand

Heart-Wall Clearings

In this series, we'll clear your heart-wall so that you can receive and share more love and happiness. Heart-Wall Clearings are great if you are over a breakup but haven't moved on, if you keep attracting the same kind of person, or if you want to respect and value yourself more.

Heart-walls are often created when we're young, when we thought we had to protect our hearts. But, they can also block our ability to feel love and joy freely. In this session, you'll experience a brief guided visualization to see your Heart-Wall and then we'll clear the trapped emotions that created it! While results vary, clients often report feeling lighter, having closer relationships, and knowing they deserve love and respect. 

$375 for 2-4 sessions which are 30 minutes each

Heart-Wall Clearings are for you if:

  • You’ve had a breakup & want to feel love, forgiveness, & joy more easily again 

  • You have a pattern of people pleasing or not standing up for yourself 

  • You feel self-doubt or self-sabotage good things because you’re not sure you “deserve” them, the Heart-wall clearings remove the barriers to loving yourself, others, & enjoying life fully again.  

Note: Heart-wall clearings can bring up trapped emotions & can cause lots of feelings initially. They are perfect when you are ready to to move beyond the “protection” that your younger self set up in order to protect your heart. If you feel you’re ready, let’s talk!

Bloom from Within

Bloom from Within Session

This powerful, intuitively-guided session is personalized to you & your energy. It offers a treasure chest of options which will enhance your connection with your intuition and assist your whole beautiful self to bloom – from within! 

Each session is unique but may include: 

  • Intuitive guidance,

  • Uplifting energy transmissions,

  • Practical suggestions, 

  • Energy work,

  • Intuitive guidance,

  • Spiritual Coaching, 

  • & Guided imagery/visualizations

These uplifting & empowering practices can create clarity, shift perception, emotion, & energy, & help you move forward on your path. 

60 minutes - $150

bloom from within session, flower
hypnosis session, forest path

Hypnosis Session

We begin this powerful session by exploring what you want to be different. Then we use hypnosis to rewrite the subconscious to transform patterns and beliefs, and create a stronger link to the whole, true self.

Would you like to learn more about hypnosis? Head over to my Hypnosis page!

60 minutes - $165

Hypnosis Sessions are ideal for:

  • When you want to tap into your potential but feel blocked

  • When you have a habit you don’t want to continue but struggle to shake

  • When you want to deepen your connection with your intuition & Akashic records

Empath Empowerment

The Empath Empowerment Package

Through clearing & grounding your energy, you learn to identify what energies and emotions are yours, and what aren’t. As you learn to feel at home in your own energy, you’ll receive intuitive hits and downloads more often, and more clearly. Think of this as the starter kit for your intuitive, spiritual, energetic practice.


Many people say they feel so much lighter & more like themselves through our work -- whether it's from learning to tap into their intuition, gaining an insight through spiritual guidance, or clearing energy to be able to feel their own soul signature!  My clients also tell me this helps them to re-discover their hearts that have been closed off or locked down because of old events. This work allows you to open up again to feeling more joy, aliveness, & purpose! I know this first hand.

empath empowerment package, woman

Empath Empowerment Package

  • 1 Illumination Session

  • 2 Emotional Clearings

  • 2 Intuitive Coaching Sessions


The Empath Empowerment Package is ideal when you:

  • Want to clear blocks to your true self/soul so you can take up space and express yourself without holding back.

  • Have done your work (in therapy, coaching, etc) but have some sticky feelings or patterns that you’d like to clear.

  • Are a perceptive, kind, deeply-feeling sensitive person who wants to learn to hear yourself more clearly (because right now your needs and truths are drowned out by other people!).

  • Want life to feel easier; you want to tap into your intuition and the Spiritual Laws of manifesting rather than pushing to get things done.

  • Would like to let go of trying to control yourself or other people & trust that things will work out.

  • Know there must be a better way (beyond affirmations & self-talk) to release worry & overwhelm.

Payment Details

  • I accept payment through Zelle, Venmo, or Stripe.

  • For those very motivated, I accept 3 annual discounted slots for 3 sessions or more. Inquire here.

  • Since I love animals, I donate a percentage of all proceeds to animal rescue organizations. Here's to everyone's health and wellbeing!

“Heather is a joy to work with. Her deep listening, enthusiasm, and creative thinking put me at ease and gave me confidence to be open to the process. Her insights and suggestions were very helpful. It was very interesting seeing her consult her guides. I did not know I had a set of guides and angels I could call upon.  I am looking forward to learning more about that.  I think about the 2 guides Heather revealed and am working to implement the messages they gave her for me. I feel I can take more charge of things I knew about but hadn’t tuned into. I would absolutely recommend having a session with Heather and in fact I already have!”

Laura Chaikin

Book an Illumination Session to Get Started

If you are a new client, sign up for your 1:1 complimentary Illumination session to get started. Past and current clients can book here.

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