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What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a powerful way to tap into your potential. It can reprogram our thoughts, beliefs, and memories so that we access our strengths, intuition, and creativity. This changes how we perceive and respond to life! 

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History of Hypnosis 

Hypnosis has been used for thousands of years and is supported by clinical research to relieve anxiety and pain, change behaviors, and transform feelings. It’s also a way to tap into resources and solutions we may not know consciously. Suggestions can actually change activity in our brain and bodies! 

How does Hypnosis Work?

In the session, we’ll meet and talk about what you want to work on. 


Then, in a quiet space as you recline or stay seated, you’ll be guided into a powerful yet deeply relaxing trance that allows you to access your subconscious, strengths, and energy which supports, transforms, and uplifts you. You’ll wake feeling refreshed and renewed. 


Our subconscious minds don't analyze these memories or beliefs; it just accumulates them as images and simple words based on what we’ve expeirienced or been told. 


Then, our conscious minds respond to these images or thoughts as though they are fact and our bodies respond. 


If we have positive beliefs, this is wonderful. But, if not, hypnosis helps us to release and transform them.

  • What is a Trance?
    A trance is a natural state which helps us to talk directly to your subconscious which holds memories or beliefs. If you think of a time when you watched a tv program and didn’t remember all of it, that’s a trance. It’s a natural state of flow and concentration as the conscious mind and body relax.
  • Will I Quack Like a Chicken?
    No. Unless you want to! ;) In hypnosis, you are always in control and can’t be hypnotized to do anything you don’t want to do.
  • What Kinds of Issues is Hypnosis Great For?
    Procrastination Perfectionism Healing from Narcissistic Parents Reclaiming Your Voice Connecting with Intuition Increasing confidence, self-worth, and valuing of yourself Decreasing anxiety and increasing wellbeing Healing inner child parts Transforming a pattern Being an Empowered Empath (setting boundaries; clearing energy; etc). Hypnosis can also be used as an adjunct to any other service — e.g. Perhaps you have an intuitive coaching session to identify what lights you up,an Emotion Code se ssion to clear blocks, and a hypnosis session to install new beliefs about what you seek.
  • Who Will Benefit from Hypnosis:
    Those who are motivated, generally in a stable place in their lives, and who believe in hypnosis or are open to it.
  • Who is Hypnosis not right for?
    Hypnosis is not a great match for those who are actively using substances, are suicidal, dissocating, or psychotic.
  • What Does Hypnosis Feel Like?
    Hypnosis is a deeply relaxing, immersive experience where you’re using your inner senses: what you see, hear, feel, and know just as you do when you dream — only you’re aware of what’s happening. What’s powerful is that our minds don’t know the difference between what we see and experience so when you visualize in or out of hypnosis, your mind thinks it’s really happening! This sets the stage for success!
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In my practice, I offer several ways to access the subconscious mind/consciousness: through intuitive coaching, The Emotion Code, and through hypnosis.


Each of these ways allows you to access a different state of consciousness than your typical state. 


These are non-analytical states of consciousness so if you’re an overthinker, this may be great for you! Alternately, people who are naturally open, visual, and perhaps kinesthetic will really enjoy this process of change. 


Best of all, you don’t have to force yourself to learn something; you can relax into it. 


In hypnosis, we can instruct the subconscious mind/consciousness to find solutions that weren’t obvious to the conscious mind and that’s a powerful state. 


If you’re wanting to hear more, contact me and let’s talk! -Heather


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