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Are You a Source or Force of Love?

Are you a source of love or a force of love? The difference is subtle but powerful for one implies that you are, within yourself, a natural flowing source of the ever present love that’s available to all of us, to you and all of us, the other implies that you have to do it all by yourself as though you are the only one who can stand on this precipice of awareness and make it happen for others. Do you sense the difference, dear one? it is large and it is small, but it is present in awareness. -- channeled from my intuition

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Years ago, I tried to be a force of love to receive love in return and tried to be what I thought other people wanted me to be.

My energy felt like a sprinkler that had forgotten it was connected to the spout or Source! I didn't recognize that the love comes from within first. And, then it replenishes everything! I learned that from Reiki, too..

Source symptoms include:

  • Ease, joy, love, gratitude, forgiveness, fun, expansiveness, freedom.

Simply put:

  • Force = fear.

  • Source = Love & recognizing we're not alone.

What a a relief!

Force feels like effort and hardship and a fear that all will break down or break loose. It feels like things are spinning out of control.

Source feels flowing, easy, loving, joyful, expansive. It is life-giving!

It's SO different!

Sourced love energy emerges when:

I'm relaxed, in nature, with animals, in spiritual/energy healing/intuitive/hypnosis sessions, or when I'm talking about something or someone I love!

Force comes out when:

I'm in a hurry, conscious of physical time, fearful, and feeling that somehow I've either fallen short or don't have enough time to do all I need to. It has the feeling that if I don't do this, I won't be okay or that I can't relax until I do something.

For years, I led by the "Force" of feeling that I was not enough and had too many feelings all at once. I thought it had to do with my childhood, and maybe some of it did. But, I know now that's not true.

Recently, from using The Emotion Code, I've learned that a lot had to do with my Jewish ancestry. As I've cleared the trapped emotions, I've noticed that I feel more grounded and clear. So many of these feelings of fear weren't mine and when I clear them, I intend for them to clear and heal my whole ancestral line!

I'm just now getting certified in The Emotion Code and am finding how powerful it is!

And, each time this Force feeling comes up, I've been asking myself each moment,

Is this coming from Source or Force?

When it's Source, I listen and proceed.

When it's Force, I slow down, pause, and reground.

So, I ask you, dear reader, what's the difference between Source and Force for you?

When does Source most emerge for you?

What helps you to return to Source and feel the love within and around you?

And, if it calls to you and you'd like to experience an Emotion Code session, you can set up a session here!


Dr. Heather Schwartz is an intuitive reader, energy worker, and hypnosis practitioner who works remotely with people all over the country.


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