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Symbols: Our Intuitive Shorthand with the Universe Within & Around Us

Aka: Ask a question & build a relationship with your intuition by having fun.

Not overthinking.

Just enjoying & receiving answers with ease. Yay! 🎉

Short story: I was on a walk, musing -- well, let's be honest -- deliberating about whether to throw my hat in the ring, so-to-speak, for an opportunity.

My mind often has many ideas. And, if I just let it roll, it will go on and on.

As I walked, I decided to play one of my favorite intuitive games -- which, by the way, deepens trust in intuition & is also fun! So, stay tuned on how you can do this for yourself.

This is a lot more fun & relaxing than a pros & cons list.

I asked whether the opportunity was right for me, & then I was immediately drawn to these striking pink flowers in someone's garden, set apart from all their other flowers. They were in contrast even to their own pale green leaves.

While gorgeous, I didn't feel comfortable looking at them. Something felt off, but, I didn't know what. Then, I noticed my thoughts: this doesn't feel good to look at, but, I also feel like I can't look away. And, I had an uncomfortable feeling in my stomach.

Okay. I knew the answer to my question: No.

I felt it in my mind, my heart, & my body. It was not subtle!

I've learned from experience to listen to my intuition -- even if it's not linear or obvious.

And, if you know your intuition, you know what I mean -- not listening is always worse, even if the outside world hasn't shown us what we know within.

That's part of the tug-of-war -- & yet, I sense it's part of my path spiritually to trust myself internally, no matter what is going on around me, even if it looks good or beautiful, like those flowers!


So, I asked my intuition, can you show me what Yes looks & feels like?

In my mind's eye, I saw these gorgeous blue flowers.

They were indigo, the same color that the 6th chakra is often depicted.

And, I felt peace & ease & interest, & my whole body relaxed. Awesome!

I asked about other opportunities, and saw the indigo flowers in my mind's eye & in the neighbor's yard! Lovely!

You can do this, too!

It's easy.

Here are the steps:

  1. Ask a question.

  2. Close or lower your eyes. (Obviously, if you're walking, don't shut them all the way!). 😉

  3. Ask your intuition to show you the object/visual representation of the answer in your external environment.

  4. Open your eyes & notice where your attention lands.

  5. Let go of second guessing, & allow yourself to feel the fit between your question, your intuition, & the outside world. It will often feel like it clicks into place. (When I saw the pink flowers, every part of me lit up-- knowing that this was the right object for this particular issue).

  6. Mindfully notice your thoughts, feelings, subtle sensations, & responses.

  7. You can also ask your intuition, "What is it about this particular object/scene that fits my question?"

  8. Then, Listen. Wait. Relax and allow the answer. It's like listening to a good friend, rather than letting your mind fill in the answer.

  9. Trust yourself.

  10. Practice this, if you feel called.

  11. Once you discover & create symbols with your intuition, you can use these symbols more often (e.g. I used the pink flower/blue flower answer in my online grocery shopping today to decide on which foods would be good for me!).

  12. Keep an intuitive notebook & write down your personal intuitive symbols. As you develop your list, you will enhance your clairvoyant vocabulary & trust your intuition even more.

Bringing creative play to intuitive knowing is fun!


With practice, our lives grow because we are listening to ourselves — our true selves. And, that’s where all the magic is! That’s the door to all the Magic.

If you'd like more guidance on tapping into & trusting your intuition, reach out!

I offer a complimentary Illumination Session to find out more... ♥️


Photo by Ray Hennessey on Unsplash. Thanks, Ray! 😄


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