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Portal to Your Higher Self

Imagine you're connected to a portal within you called, Infinite Potential.

It's the space of pure knowing, pure potentiality, and deep love.

There's a doorway that leads to a majestic hallway, adorned with flowers and crystals.

It feels like light and emanates love.

You enter a room.

What does it look like?

Notice: sunlight beams from high stone windows and warms your back.

You notice a beautiful sofa or chair.

As you sit down, notice how it feels to be in this room...

What does it look like?

How many windows are there?

Notice how the light sparkles and fills you...

Does it remind you of any place you've been before?

Let the feeling of something known and also unknown mingle together...

A teapot is next to you on a small table.

What does it look like?

As you pour it, notice that the liquid is warm and deeply soothing.

What does it taste like?

Can you taste love present in it? Sweetness... Goodness... All inside you.

A book is next to you.

Imagine that the words fill you with love.

Everything feels true.

Ask if there is anything you need to know.

Let the answer/s come.

Are they in words, images, or sensations?

Notice how the words and feelings emerge.

Are they colors, shapes, words, or sensations?

Notice what you feel, see, and sense...

Thank the answers.

Know that more will come, the more you connect within.

When you're ready, leave.

You can blink your eyes, wiggle your nose, or just intend to be back in "reality."

But, you carry this portal within you, always. <3

Photo by Matthew T. Radar on Unsplash


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