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Soul Write

Writing opens us up to our own knowing. It's actually just a small pivot to start thinking about it as an intuitive practice.

I wrote my first poem when I was 6. I had just visited the ocean and my heart was in my throat. I felt its power, its watery bristles, the way the wave crashed down on the sand made me feel ALIVE!

Collecting its offspring; the small shells and pieces of sea algae along the coast were tokens of this great being!

I knew I was in the midst of something greater!

That's how it is when you connect with intuition.

It's you and it's not you.

It's coming through you like a big wave -- of sparkly sharp water -- and it hits strong!

Or, guiding you to your own tide pool of understanding. ♥️

That's intuition.

Being Present, Feeling, Observing, Listening, & Receiving.

The receiving may come through realizations, cohesive understandings about why you're here or what you're here to do. Or, as you watch it, it may distract you enough to realize something else about your life.

Writing creates a focus & then, as you listen within, you HEAR your true voice.

The roar of the ocean of Life is within you!

What are you hearing today?

Here's a practice to try:

Imagine that you're on the shore, watching the waves.

Or, turn on a YT video of ocean waves, and watch it for 5 minutes as you do this.

Notice the emotions which emerge.

Notice what you're feeling.

What thoughts flicker by?

Pay attention to the ones on the sidelines as you breathe.

Let the water clear your mind as you relax deeper into yourself.


Breathe in deeply as though you can taste the cool, salty air!

Then, breathe out and feel your whole body alive!


Notice what you're sensing.

Now, write what you know.

Try not to question it. For you would not question the ocean.

Let the force of Life flow through you, within you...

And, enjoy... 🌊

This is a great step towards creating stronger Intuitive knowing!


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