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Where you're coming from is what you will receive...

Our true selves are always guiding us to grow, expand, and experience the adventure of awakening!

If we're in fear, from our egos, the guidance we receive reflects the fear not the truth.

When aligned, the oracle card images focus and distract my mind which helps me

receive guidance from my true self, Spirit, and the angels.

When not aligned, we receive from fear.

And, the cards show that.

Here's a way to get back into alignment:

Take a few slow, deep breaths and call in the knowing of safety and comfort.

Align with the feeling of being loved from within.

Relax & drop your shoulders.

Relax your jaw and face.

Picture warm light on your back and face.

Smile gently.

Smiling tells the brain that you're safe.

If you feel called to say YES to your true self, try this:

The next time you feel called to check on whether you're on the right path for you,

(maybe drawing oracle cards or taking action), notice:

Are you feeling pressured or gently guided and in flow?

Ask: what is creating the urge for this? Fear? Trust? Love? Ease?

If it's the former, take a breath. Remind yourself that you're safe. Notice this.

Bring a focus to the center of your heart. Put your hand there and say, "I do," making the promise of connecting with your true self.

Then, bring to mind, heart, and body a time when you felt really aligned with your true self & Spirit.

You might envision being in nature, in the sun, or laughing with those close to you.

Each of these feels wonderful to our whole selves!

Then, as you re=center yourself, notice what you feel guided to do.

Let your alignment with the divine within you guide your actions!

And, if you'd like to receive support to let this relationship with your true self & Spirit bloom, feel free to reach out for an Illumination session: a complimentary 50 -minute session to connect with your true self, intuition, & Spirit.

May your true self bloom!


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