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3 Miracles: A Practice to Call in Miracles

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About 5 years ago, a friend told me about this practice of asking for & writing down 3 miracles.

Before she mentioned it, I thought a miracle was like walking on water.

But, what I learned, over time, after 4 solid years of this practice, is that we are ALL magic!

All worthy. And, loved.

And, that miracles come true.

ocean sunset

I began with a small ask: "Can I have a parking space on this busy car-lined street?" Yes.

Then, a bigger ask: "Can I have the miracle of turning left on a bi-directional, 4-lane road, with lots of traffic?"

I was about to give up when my intuition encouraged me to ask. I can hear my intuition, but, for many, it feels like a nudge.

You know how it is when you feel like something is TOO BIG to even hope for? That's how I felt in that moment. Could I really be important enough not to have to go the opposite way to get home?

It felt like a metaphor for life.

Could I take up space?

Could my needs matter?


And, it felt like a big ask, so I did it.

And all of sudden, all the traffic coming FULL SPEED AHEAD on the left STOPPED -- for NO Reason and I pulled out of the Honda driveway.

Then, on the right, all the traffic that was coming at 45 MPH paused to let me in!

It was like the waters parted!

I'm spiritual, not religious, but, it felt like a holy moment.

After that, I got more brave: "Can I have the miracle of our washing machine not being broken even though it's acting like it?" Yes.

"Can I have the miracle of my tooth being healthy where I think I have a cavity?" Yes.

"Can this pain stop? How?" Yes, and here's how. I'd find the solutions after aligning myself with the energy -- the possibility --

~ The humbling awe & trust of the possible ~

Yes. Absolutely, Yes.

With each ask, confidence rises. Trust comes. Maybe I am good enough... Maybe I am deserving (just like anyone else)... Maybe I am THAT Powerful... YES. YES. YES.

woman dancing

The Truth is, WE ALL ARE that powerful.

I am no different from you. We are all unique, powerful, & One.

So, why not you, too?

I want to say here that when things haven't materialized, I often get a very clear understanding why.

Not everything my ego wants comes true.

But, I often find that something much better comes. And, for me, it's been that just like anyone, I, too, can have a good life & be supported -- just being me. That my life is a miracle.

Just like yours.


And, often, the miracles that I write down aren't what I've asked for. They just come.

The miracle of a beautiful sunset, a dog kiss at the right time, or a joyful day.

If you want to try this practice, here are some suggestions to get started:

  1. Begin with openness & trust. It's okay to be nervous. Get on the side of Hope. Amazement. Joy. Let yourself feel all the delicious possibilities!!!

  2. Connect with your True Self/Higher Self, Spirit, & your angels. We all have angels. I call this group, my Soul Team.

  3. Call in your Soul Team for their guidance. You can say, "I now connect with my Soul Team for my highest good."

  4. Drop into the feeling of wellbeing. It helps if you have a feeling in your body of what deep trust & wellbeing feels like. Once you get good at this practice, you can use examples from your life, but, until then, if you haven't manifested before, think of how relaxing & uplifting it feels when you're in a hot tub or bathtub, or on a beach. Or, maybe when you're laying on the grass looking up at the clouds. That kind of body-based trust. It's gooood...

  5. Decide you're going to ask for miracles, and that you're going to find miracles.

  6. Ask. Ask for what thrills your heart. Ask for small ones first, then, go for the gold. This is about strengthening our ability to receive. I'll be sharing more in future posts on receiving, but, for now, decide you're going to get better at receiving. <3 As women, we often give more easily than receive, and this is about being vulnerable to what we feel called to have.

  7. Keep a notebook, ask for, and write down 3 a day. It will be hard to keep it to just 3. In the 5+ years I've been doing it, I often have 10+/day. And, that's not bragging. It's about being able to ask, trust, & receive.And, it's about how much I've opened myself to seeing the miracles of my life. And, the biggest miracle is our lives. Clear seeing = Abundance.

  8. Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy!

  9. Read your miracles notebook often to remind yourself of your power, worth, & lovability. Remember how powerful you are. We all are.

What will you open yourself to?

What's possible for you -- if you allow yourself to ask?

Here's wishing you the miracle of the beauty, love, & joy that's within YOU.



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